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Golf Scramble Fundraiser June 3rd!

Watching one’s children suffer is the worst thing a parent has to endure, especially when the suffering is brought on by childhood cancer.

Questions such as “How,” and “Why” often plague their minds with no answers to be found. In 2013, when Kallie was not even 2 years old, she was diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Her parents and family members were riddled with the same thoughts. They knew they couldn’t sit around and wait for those answers; they decided to fight.


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Kallie’s Krusade started as a gathering of friends and family and has grown into a community-wide effort to “Fight like a girl” against childhood and pediatric cancer. We are a non-profit organization that is composed of Western New Yorkers aiming to raise awareness and funds to support families in the area who are fighting like Kallie and her family are.

Contact us today to get involved or to learn more. The more information about childhood cancer that we bring to light, the better equipped we are to help those in need.

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